Friday, May 14, 2010

Today on Facebook

- Devin says this link is gold. First sentence of the link says "These days, everyone loves hip-hop." Really?
- Susan likes teen mom. Who is teen mom?
- Chris went to Fujiyama's for lunch. I don't know where that is.
- Aphex Twin tour dates for Europe. This guy is awesome.
- Cherie wants to work with her dog again.
- Tracy is in Vegas!
- Pam likes this one \o/. Pretty much that is the same as 'stop and smell the roses', eh?
- Sarah is addicted to McDonald's caramel frappe's.
- Megan is so tired. Different subject, who is the guy? Supposedly it's "all over Facebook" but I haven't seen it. Good for you, BTW.
- Martha is in Vegas too.
- Andrew went to track and field day.
- AHA rally at Upland Brewing on Saturday, 4 - 8 pm.
- Tammy wonders why a virtual dog takes more care than a real one? Fish reviver.
- David attracted foreign traders!
- Julia says: I am going to change the name of my iPod to "The Ship." That way when i plug it into the computer, it says, "The Ship is syncing."
- Derek says the afternoon is dragging and the Vulcan needs de-winterized.
- Paul needs a nap -- or a nooner.
- Justin needs an energy pack.
- Polly posted a link to some stuff at
- Rebecca thinks today will not end. It will, just be patient.
- Mike points out what happens when you delete your Facebook account.
- What started out as a one-night gathering inside Lambeau Field has turned into a three-day celebration that will be the biggest non-Packers and non-sporting event in the history of the renovated stadium. It's called "LZ Lambeau: Welcoming Home Wisconsin's Vietnam Veterans" and it's coming up May 21-23.
- FREEDOM!!!!!
- Phil is in Philly. Heh.
- Anne says: Before Marriage A Man Yearns For The Woman He Loves... After Marriage The "Y" Becomes Silent.
- Keoni posts the The Law of Detachment: In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.
- Alan is attending the Lunar Intentions Cycle 5.
- Mike posted a link to the laws of supply and demand as it relates to chicken wings.
- Kristina says it's the weekend. Rebecca, see what happens when you're patient?
- Cathy finally posted the pics of swimming with the dolphins, but they didn't come out very well. Honestly, I don't see either the dolphins or Cathy.
- Jill saw a Magnolia warbler at Chico Basin Ranch in CO.
- Lynde says: if kisses were raindrops I'd send u showers, if hugs were minutes I'd send u hours, if smiles were water I'd send u a sea, & if love was a person I'd send u me!! Ah, shucks...
- Stooges marathon!
- Ellen posted a link to a power ballad.

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