Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today on Facebook

- Sarah got a special welcome. Special.
- Cherie hates it when she feels herself blush.
- Amy wonders if it is a mid-life crisis when you fulfill the Peter Principle. Yeah, it's all downhill from there. You're doing good though, most people hit that at around 18 or 19.
- Martha says woohoo.
- Lauren likes the Thoughtful Christian.
- She also posted the schedule for Michael's dad's funeral. I don't know Michael, but I'm sorry for your loss.
- Matt had ribs for dinner. I notice that you didn't share.
- Devin posted a link to Diaspora. It's a Facebook replacement. How long until we're all over there?
- Andrew has friends. Good for you!
- Ken posted a link to an ACLU page to keep FB more private. Also see Diapora.
- Derek has eyes. For pils.
- Pizza for dinner.
- Sarah says, "so, I'm watching the Oprah episode with the Twilighters talking about Eclipse. Oprah is narrating saying 'about a girl and her vampire boyfriend....something blah blah friend Jacob who is also a werewolf' and I said 'it sounds really stupid when she describes it.' Nick just stared at me."
- Pam needs help.
- Carin wants mosquitos to suck fat, not blood.
- Doug is friends with Barbie. Not that Barbie, the other one.
- Candace: thanks Jay.
- A great game in the sun. I heard 88 pitches and 12 K's!
- Banana phone flash mob somewhere in Boise at noon on May 22. Google for where.
- Gabe saw Batman on a crotch rocket. In real life.
- Nick says mmmm.... Molson, not the best, but free.
- Beer club night! Pils, good! Wine barrel aged scotch ale, well, needs more aging. Niko says the baby's name is Collin. Or Colin. I didn't ask about the ells.
- Rebecca hates computer viruses. The cure is here.
- Tammi posted post-op pics of her Mom. Ouch.

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