Tuesday, September 1, 2009

  • Lisa is heading out on vacation. To LA. Where the wildfires are. Be careful!
  • Of course Paul is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Martha is remembering to breathe. I thought that was automatic?
  • Ron says smoke and ash is everywhere. Are you in LA, Ron?
  • Julia has bred a white rhino. I think that's in a Facebook game.
  • Eric is having trouble getting into gmail. Looks like they had a problem with scalability during routine maintenance. I never noticed the problem, though.
  • Pete is playing Mafia Wars. That is certainly a popular game.
  • Patrick says if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, trample it.
  • Devin posted a video of the world's best dancer. I wonder if he got that shirt at Walmart?
  • Tracey advises not to take the freeway to Boise.
  • Rebecca got rear-ended in her new car. Both she and the baby are fine.
  • Tracey tweeted that Luca was found safe. You might remember the Amber alert a while back.
  • Megan went to dinner with her dad.
  • Cherie is so sleepy today.
  • Kristin had sake sashimi? Sake and sashimi?
  • Sarah is waiting to see District 9. I haven't seen it yet, but would like to.
  • Mike took some quizzes. His light saber is green and he probably won't go to jail.
  • Greg is trying to tweet himself to Hawaii.
  • Candace says it's hot. And there are those fires. Did you get your A/C fixed?
  • Chuck posted some pics from the Boise Bicycle Project. Chuck does get around.
  • Jody said thanks for all the birthday wishes. I think I missed it, so belated Happy Birthday, Jody!
  • I posted a link to pics of the LA wildfires. This is way worse than the TV news is showing.
  • Doug tells WinCo that this is not the time to suck.
  • Claire, the quarter will be in the mail tomorrow.

It seems like Mafia Wars is not so popular today.
I didn't see any FarmVille updates either. I wonder why.