Monday, October 5, 2009

  • Phil can't believe it. First they beat the Steelers, and now the Browns. Don't forget they beat the Packers too. I still think stinky, though.
  • Robert: For all of my Vallivue Classmates. Melissa Farris, the young lady killed when a Garage Door closed on her is the daughter of our classmate Janice Borchert. My prayers go out to Janice and here family.
  • Cherie is so lame at putting together packed lunches for kids.
  • Emily to Rebecca -- Congrats momma! Can't wait to see more photos. Hmm, I guess I missed the photos...
  • John, 2 pac 2 start the week, followed by ok, enough of that, drowning pool!
  • Doug says Too wild to hear KROQ's Kevin & Bean on a Boise radio station. I don't know who they are, I don't listen to much radio.
  • Packers at Vikings. Yes, I know the Packers lost, I watched the game. All of it. To the bitter end.
  • Bob says: Do you like Real Beer? Do like to Party? Head down to the AlpenFest at Ann Morrison Park, Saturday, Oct 10th. Details here. No Parking in the Park, Should be Sunny and Cool, Hoody Weather.
  • Chris passes on a free Monday RedBox code, QNGJ7KD. Better hurry, it's almost Tuesday.
  • QOTD from Keoni: "Birthdays make you timebound--let's go back to the timeless." - Deepak Chopra
  • Sarah loves dreary rainy days. They are kind of nice, aren't they?
  • Tracey is feeling horrible and finally got the crud going around. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
  • Doug: Join Life's Kitchen for its Oktoberfest beer and wine dinner. Hosted by Simplot chefs Dinna Fricke & Mark Hill. Oct. 15.
  • Ron says Strange, I do not have anything pertinent on my mind right now. Then he wonders if Ellen is /hovering/?
  • Nikki is not feeling so well either.
  • Robert is looking for other Beatles fans.
  • Cherie says someone kind of snubbed her today. Should she care? Nope.
  • Martha is very proud of her Junior Girl Scouts.
  • Megan has a random question: does anyone know why we call poor countries the "third world"? The answer is here
  • Chris is tuning in for MNF to see if Green Bay can beat Favre. Sarah says Go Pack Go! I said that a lot, but it didn't help.
  • Gabe got new place mats from g-ma!
  • Competition for Keoni, QOTD from Kristina: "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort." Herm Albright
  • Lisa has tickets to see South Pacific on Friday. Theater tickets, not plane tickets.
  • Margot posted a link to the husband song.
  • Tammy is going to be 5' 9" when she's all grown up.
  • More QOTD from Martha: "When you understand the laws of Physics, Penny, anything is possible." ~ Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Really? Sheldon? :)
  • I saw the baby pics, Jack posted them. I suppose Rebecca is a little too busy to be on Facebook right now.

Nice variety for a Monday.

Hey, my flash fiction got published!