Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some late Saturday comment as well as Sunday.

  • Mike posted a new profile pic. The ladies said "awww, sweet!"
  • Marcy had a big slice of win cake smothered in awesome sauce.
  • Gabe is riding with the cops in Moscow.
  • Jeff says come over and party. I guess it's a little late now.
  • Pam wrote in lowercase, a first as far as I know.
  • John is housecleaning.
  • Nikki is making sugar cookies. I wonder if those will show up at work?
  • Oddly enough, Paul is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Ken is going rafting.
  • Martha is going to Roaring Springs.
  • Keoni is listening to live Hawaiian music. Da kine brah!
  • Rebecca cleaned the garage.
  • Sarah needs some social interaction. Sorry, no help from me today.
  • I picked 75 tomatoes today that need a home. I let Amy know.
  • Greg says downtown is insane with the curb cup.
  • Carin is at the doctor getting xrays for Connor. Darn, it is pneumonia.
  • Tracey is blocking Twitter porn spammers.
  • Martha says the men have taken over the big screen to watch sci-fi.
  • Patrick is looking forward to college football. I'm looking forward to pro football, the Packers are looking awesome in pre-season.
  • Heather posted some nice pics of her wedding location. I think she's getting married next Sunday?
  • Wow! Paul is playing Special Forces! Not Mafia Wars! Paul, did you win Mafia Wars finally?

Well, that's it, now I think I'm going to go watch sci-fi on the big screen.