Sunday, May 9, 2010

This weekend on Facebook

This weekend on Facebook.

- Carin and the girls did the race for the cure for Nana. Nana cried from happiness.
- Sarah -> Susan: windmills!!!!
- God spelled backwards says dog, Jesus spelled backwards says sausage, and thus the Church of the Loldog was formed.
- Kristina walked for the cure too. Thanks!
- Sandie is getting potting soil and starting her garden.
- Brewforia grand opening Saturday night. Good times, lots of people, great beer.
- David says douchebaggery never goes unnoticed.
- Cathy had a pirate birthday for McKenna.
- Ben is ready for tacos and margaritas. Eric is alerting the authorities.
- Pam is looking for a yellow maple tree in farmville.
- Chuck says what a beautiful morning for all the mom's out there... have a spectacular day ladies!
- David, Pete, Niko, and Bob are friends with Derek. Me too. Sounds like a Band of Brewers.
- Anne says absolutely nothing has changed.
- Matt says Mother's Day sucks. It was both good and bad here.
- Many people wished their mom's a happy Mother's day. Happy Mother's Day Mom!
- Niko has a new boy, 7 pounds 5 oz, 20 inches long, born at 3:26am MST this morning. Congrats!
- Chris is at the office having a beer.
- Mimosas for breakfast! Mother's Day is awesome. Matt probably needs a mimosa.
- Eric says that jEdit 4.3.2 has been released.
- Greg found some orange gems in Treasure Isle.
- Scott had a wonderful day.
- Michael says, "I submitted 10 puns to a pun contest, hoping that one would win. But, no pun in ten did."
- Pecan tarts were great! Spending the evening at the hospital, not so great.
- Niko is grilling burgers, PBR will be involved. I'm assuming that's for the in-laws and you've got some real beer stashed for yourself?
- Lots of mother's day pics were posted.