Monday, August 24, 2009

Here is a brief synopsis of what my friends are doing today. I find it fascinating to see the wide variety of interest, and I think it is worth sharing. Post your own synopsis of your FB experience if you'd like.

(Please don't take offense if you recognize yourself. I'm using first names only and changed the spelling on a few names, so very few of you will know anyone other than yourself. Some people might guess, but no one will know for sure.)

  • Pam is playing FarmVille. It appears her caps lock is stuck.
  • Paul is playing YoVille. Yo, Paul!
  • Tracey is doing some community oriented thing. I wasn't interested enough to check it out.
  • Ed caught a halibut in Alaska. Way to go Ed!
  • Lisa is pissed.
  • Martha went camping.
  • Pat is playing Castle Age.
  • Chuck went for a family bike ride.
  • Tracey took a Twilight quiz.
  • Candace finds each day too short. (Good observation, they are getting shorter, we're heading towards fall after all.)
  • Candace is sending her kids to school tomorrow.
  • Martha is doing something with Turbo Jam. I don't know what that is, maybe some sort of exercise thing.
  • Jill says a blue footed booby was spotted in New Mexico. That's a bird of some sort. Apparently they don't usually go that far north.
  • Jana is letting her boys watch the Miss Universe contest.
  • Pat is still playing Castle Age.
  • Rebecca is having breakfast.
  • Pam is back, and her caps lock is still stuck.
  • Paul switched to playing Special Forces.
  • Greg saw Bread Loaf Rock. I need to take that back road some time.
  • Wanda found a sheep on her farm.
  • Pam believes we have the right and free will to choose what we worship. I believe she should fix her caps lock key.
  • Carla is looking for a cigar in Mafia Wars. I wonder what that is about.
  • Dianne played the name game. Wasn't that a 60's song??
  • Carla is blue. I don't know why, but I think it's a game or quiz of some sort.
  • Pam is an E-3 Sentry. That struck me as odd. How can she be an airplane? It looks like maybe she fixed the caps lock key.
  • Karen drank a whole bottle of wine by herself. Hmm, I didn't see that coming.
  • Scott brewed 2 batches of beer today. Pete feels like a slacker for only brewing one. I brewed none, so they are both ahead of me, at least for today.
  • Claire saw District 9 and liked it. I want to see that movie too. (A side note, J&J has caused Julia's original cook book to hit the best seller list.)
  • Candace is walking the dogs.
  • Paul is now playing Mafia Wars.
  • Pat is starting his last course for "his Mater's degree" tomorrow. I hope it's a spelling class.
  • John said "go bills, stoopid packers", I said "go packers, stoopid bills". The Packers won -- stoopid bills!
  • Sonya had a good time on Saturday night.
  • Chris sent me a video message. I don't have a web cam, so I replied in plain text.

That's it for today. Maybe more tomorrow.