Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some good links were posted today.
  • Carla passed on birthday wishes. To me! Thanks!
  • Tony loves the sunshine in the morning as it comes over the mountain. Way better than the smell of napalm.
  • Sarah is nervous and apprehensive today.
  • Greg is enroute to Charlotte, posted to FB during a layover in Denver.
  • I feel compelled to point out that Carla is playing Mafia Wars. I hear that's a good stress reliever.
  • Martha may have cried, she may have screamed.
  • Wilco posted a link to find rides to their shows. That would be great if they were coming anywhere near me, but they're not.
  • Doug posted a link to a video of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra playing "It's a Heartache". Definitely worth watching.
  • Megan is going to work on a quilt today.
  • Devin posted a link to a DJ training video.
  • Ellen started a Chug Off! I just can't get interested in virtual beer.
  • QOTD from Keoni: "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Pam is moving on up in FarmVille.
  • Eric is listening to the sound track from "Where the Wild Things Are". Says it's not too bad.
  • Sad news from Steven, his friend and companion of 13 years, Chester, passed away on Saturday. He was the best dog ever. Aren't they all? Sorry for your loss, Steve.
  • Julia is b.o.r.e.d. You could go help Megan with the quilt.
  • Cherie drove up the canyon to enjoy the fall colors. She posted some awesome pics. I particularly like the one with the 2 leaves floating in the creek.
  • Kristina says is it awesome when your company says here's your two 22 inch monitors. I am jealous!
  • Michael just got back from a day at the Grand Canyon. I've got to go there someday.
  • Ellen wonders why she keeps getting asked if she's a ninja. Maybe you are?
  • Onwurd, nobul steed!
  • Rebecca won at fantasy and pick'em this week. Congrats! We're still not doing the football pool at work, not enough people.
  • Doug apologizes for washing a car yesterday and causing the rain today.
  • Ellen turned into a pumpkin. I bet that will stop people from asking you if you're a ninja.
  • John notes that Monday is over and all that.
  • Ed posted pics of family and friends. Ahem. No comment.
  • Whoa! Paul has mastered level 1 in Mafia Wars!
I've had several people ask me how long this takes to write. Usually not too long, maybe half an hour, but it depends on how many links to videos and pictures there are. The ukulele video was about 5 minutes, clicking through Cherie's fall pics took some time too.