Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today on Facebook

Short day, I spent the evening doing laptop repair.  Surprisingly, it works!

  • Martha won $10,000 in a video contest.  Suddenly she's friends with a bunch of people.
  • Devin has the day off to go to the zoo.  It was a good afternoon for it, not so good this morning.
  • It's all about perception.  
  • Cherie can take her pet rabbit into Dillards but not her dog.  I'm surprised they let you get in withe rabbit.
  • Tracy thinks you look funny.
  • Scott hopes his dad survives taking care of his dogs.  Stupid dogs.
  • Susan needs 6 more players for bunco.  She's in Ohio in case you're interested.
  • Amy says it's raining like Indiana.  I thought it was more like Seattle.  Nice either way.
  • Sarah got the last of her wisdom teeth out.  Yer no longer wise.
  • Ed says happy birthday to Terry.  Or Glenda.  One or the other.
  • Frank, Devin, and Martha like me!  Thanks for the rick roll!
  • AHA is offering 10% off at the Hopsworks Urban Brewery in Portland.
  • Carla is on Mafia Wars.
  • Silence
  • Derek says that waiting on other people to do their thing before you can do yours is frustrating.
  • Lynde says growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
  • Packer Pro Shop tent sale at Lambeau field on June 4 and 5.  
  • Julia is tired.
  • Carin hopes this is the Red Sox's night.  How did they do?
  • Doug posted some old camping photos.  I'm looking forward to going this year, we only got to go once last year.
  • Derek wants to borrow 2 packs of Wyeast 2366.  If you can wait a couple of weeks I can give you part of a cake.
  • Wanda says "Hi everyone! Before you click publish for ny post, you need to click that little lock that is to the left of publish and select everyone or friends. FB has changed all posts to automatically post to yourself only - you need to select friends oreveryone. Otherwise noone else will see your post."
  • Alan likes downtown Victoria.  Yeah, that is a nice place.