Sunday, September 13, 2009

First, thanks to all that particated in the great discussion following my post about the Tea Party march. It is good to be able to talk with people with opposing viewpoints and who are willing to listen to both sides.

  • Martha posted a quote from Ghandi: "In the attitude of silence, the soul finds the path in a clearer light and what is eliusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness."
  • Amy conquered Hard Guy and may never recover. That sounds really weird out of context like this, but I don't know what the context is.
  • Cherie has a pink dog since fake blood seems to stain. Post pics!
  • John says freak'n freaky broncos. Not sure if he means Boise or Denver -- probably Denver. And yes, John, it's definitely "go packers".
  • Dee thinks it's interesting to try things you know you're not good at, like yoga. That sounds more painful than interesting.
  • Julia is being adventurous, she's going to Walmart. This might be why it's an adventure.
  • Candace says happiness is a mental adjustment to the circumstances that surround you.
  • PAM JOINED THE MORE LAND FOR FARMTOWN CAUSE. Farmtown needs more land.
  • Several people posted about the 'One Million Walling Billboards'. It's at 12:00 AM on Oct 9th. It seems odd to me that this would happen at midnight.
  • Paul is Wyatt Earp. Not just any Wyatt Earp, he's the Kurt Russell Wyatt Earp.
  • Nikki went to Art in the Park today. Apparently the prices were pretty high.
  • Chris went golfing.
  • Cherie posted a link to Alan's Kwaj pics. Nice! Waves big enough to surf.
  • Cherie let everyone know she's going to post some fake bloody dog pics. Thanks for the warning.
  • Jeff posted several hundred pics from Burning Man. I've never been, not sure I want to.
  • Cherie did indeed post pics of the pink and fake bloody dog. It was for a children's play.
  • Chris posted pics from the BSU game, from yesterday, I think.
  • Chuck liked Art in the Park. He also thought it was too expensive.
  • Michael posted some nice family photos.
  • Run is bummed that "Enchanted" is on the tube, and the g-kids weren't there to watch. Um, "Enchanted"? Really? Didn't you know that the Packer game was on? That might be why the g-kids weren't there.
  • Doug says the run he was planning yesterday went pretty well, although he ran out of water with 4 miles to go. I can't even run 4 miles.

That's it for today. Doesn't seem like much for a Sunday, but then it was opening weekend of football, and I pretty much spent 10 hours in front of the TV. The best part was that the Packers beat the Bears!