Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today looks a lot like yesterday -- Mafia Wars, Scramble, and FarmVille seem to be popular games. Lots of people heading to the local county fairs or getting back from camping.

  • Matt is crushing his opponents in Scramble.
  • Kristin rawked with Foreigner. Hopefully, like me, they are getting better with age.
  • John said megluomabuac magluaocuoua. Even google doesn't know what that means.
  • Jana is struggling with her Blackberry.
  • Marcy went to the doctor. She's hoping to find peace in the MRI tube. I'm betting that's not likely.
  • Megan and Julia are back from camping somewhere north. Nice pics!
  • Paul is continuing with the endless game of Mafia Wars.
  • Candace was thrown a curve ball, but this wasn't baseball related.
  • John cooked something blurry with hops instead of a bay leaf. John, post the recipe.
  • Tammy likes the smell of newspaper ink. It does have a flavor.
  • Chuck should be a brunette. Apparently, he'd be a hot chick if he did. FB quizzes are weird.
  • Chris is too lazy to clean house. I vote for having a beer instead.
  • The Packers are please with their new 3-4 defense. It looks like it is working really well to me, we'll see after the other teams get some film.
  • Greg got his head pulled out of a funk. That's got to feel better.
  • Kenneth is a Chinese symbol. More weird FB quizzes.
  • Ed is back from Alaska and back at work. Vacations are never long enough.
  • Cherie is trying to outsmart a 9 year old, and it sound like she might be losing.
  • Sarah posted 'prepping for the baby' pics. You can't have too much baby stuff.
  • Amy posted pics of bike riding on Bogus. Looks like a nice day.
  • John is putting up sheetrock.
  • Gabe forwarded computer help from xkcd. Yeah, that's about the way it works in real life.
I got around to seeing what all those requests on my page are about. I get to be neighbors with Pam and Sarah in FarmVille. I'm not playing, but it helps them get bigger farms, I think. Most of the requests are from people who sent me nice gifts from FarmVille, I got a rabbit, a bunch of trees, and a horse. Can I pass these on to anyone in FarmVille? Let me know, and they are yours if you can tell me how to do it. FarmVille says if you like FarmVille, you might like Mafia Wars. Seriously, who has the time?

FaceBook is like people watching at the mall, weird, but interesting!