Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today on Facebook

- Doug: Sunshine! Yes, bring me sunshine oh weather ones!!!
- Jason likes Spotlight Stories.
- Gabe needs one of these GPS units. Me too! Round-abound.
- AHA pub discount: 10% off for members in Atlanta at the Cypress Street Pint & Plate.
- Kris passes on the news that "Quantum entanglement in a real biological system found".
- Julia is back. Where did you go?
- Nikki likes it on the floor behind the couch. Hiding out, are you? Wait, what is "it"?
- Tammi likes it on the stairwell. I sense a theme.
- Ellen wonders why there are always cooking shows on the TVs at the gym?
- David found valuable treasure in Evony.
- Justin is doing some fashion thing in Farmville. Sounds a little strange to me.
- Ellen is jealous. The Edge is still the man.
- Sarah posted a quiche recipe. Of course you all know that real men eat whatever they want.
- Bob linked to beer ice cream!
- Glenda has snow on her hot tub.
- Nicole and Michael are now friends.
- There were a couple of links to the Freebies for Moms FB page.
- Wanda is working on farms 2 and 3.
- Phil is trying to wrap his head around the problems associated with paravirtualized clocks and operating systems. Others are trying to understand the question.
- Niko wonders if there has ever been another new born that doesn't cry? No name yet.

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