Monday, May 10, 2010

Today on Facebook

- Megan had an awesome time in Spokane.
- Ron lost his cell phone. That totally sucks.
- Eric found a dolphin. I should be checking on that nice fix you did for me, but I'm writing this drivel instead.
- Yes, it's Monday already. It was the trail digging on Saturday that made the weekend seem short.
- AHA discount, 10% off for members at Florida Beer Co.
- Doug is paying off a parking ticket.
- Sarah is happy that her washing machine is finally dying.
- Tyler likes chocolate covered gummy bears. Where did you find those?
- Jana says $*&%!! Yes, your xml is a little weird, but I bet it still feels good.
- Anne found $10 tickets on Jet Blue from Tampa to NY. Tampa Bay. I know there is a Bay.
- Bob posted a funny video about Facebook.
- More AHA news: The South Carolina Brewers Association is looking for support of legislation to allow breweries to sell beer direct to customers at their breweries and to allow beer samples to be served at breweries and retail stores. See for details.
- Bob has a flood and needs a boat.
- Kristina is in her 4th week of P90x. I have no idea what that is, but people are proud of her.
- Niko is amazed at his new boy. Nice pics! Got a name yet?
- Susan will be here next week!
- Wilco will play "Deeper Down" tonight on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
- Ellen likes Life is a garden, don't be a hoe.
- Sounds like Martha is stuck in traffic on the way to the Nickelback concert. Are they still a group? I think there is a pickle on FB that is more popular.
- Nate has a new friend. Hi Nate! Haven't seen you on FB in a while. Still a googler?
- Kris posted a link to American Belgians. Some people like those.
- Martha must have made it to the show. Shinedown is singing 'Simple Man'. Sounds like an opportunity to start a Freebird chant.
- Paul. Mafia Wars. What about the Pens?

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