Saturday, October 3, 2009

  • Mike is headed to the hospital to see his new grandbaby, Chloe, born today.
  • Rebecca says it's really quite on FB at 5 am.
  • Robert is headed to Bronco Stadium to watch the game.
  • Tony is headed home after a great week.
  • Dianne is enjoying the beautiful sunny morning. It is cold and wet here.
  • Carla took a horror movie quiz. She'd die in the middle.
  • Cherie posted a link to a video. It's a little long, but it will make you happy. Cherie agrees.
  • QOTD from Keoni: "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'." - Jedi Master Yoda
  • Frank is powerwashing his driveway and realized the shadows won't wash. Funny, I tried to scrub shadows off of the carpet yesterday.
  • Chris says Go Broncos! Time for tailgating.
  • Ed says fall is here. Just saw a person eating a caramel apple. That sounds so good.
  • Cherie posted some more awesome fall pics. There is snow in some of them.
  • Kristina also says Go BSU!
  • Matt had lunch at Chuck-o-rama and beer at the Sockeye. Football later. What a good day.
  • Dianne is making chicken marsala.
  • Sarah has a rocking chair shopping fail.
  • Susan had another great day in Metamora. I don't know where that is.
  • Rebecca says a watched pot never boils. Maybe get advice from Chloe's mom?
  • Amy is having fun in Bend.
  • Doug wonders who knew the weekend was going to be such a bumpy ride?
  • Nikki says "thanks" for the BSU tickets, but in the end, stayed home. The weather turned out to be crappy, so that was probably a good move.
  • Gabe wonders what's up with the Broncos tonight. The guys on TV were saying that too. The Broncos were ahead the entire game and won with more than twice as many points as UC-Davis. Sounds good to me.
  • Mike posted some pics of Chloe. Cute!
  • Dick posted a link to a parody website. I don't think it's true, but Glenn hasn't denied it, so you never know.
  • Tracy is watching Monsters vs Aliens. Gotta love it.
  • Candace posted a link to a video for free hugs.
  • Megan made it through the week without getting sick. Was that a possibility?
  • March: candles, native american flute, hot bath in soaker tub. Aaaaaah.
  • Michael covered about 530 miles today on the way home from Arizona. You were probably within half a mile of my house at some point.
  • Paul and Carla are playing Mafia Wars.

Early Sunday -- Rebecca is off to the hospital, baby is on the way!

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