Friday, October 2, 2009

  • Julia says Fridays are so slow. Not if you have it off!
  • Nikki is spending the day with two of her favorite boys.
  • Bob is planning to start tailgating at 2 pm.
  • John says "what say we call it early?"
  • Keoni is breathing. That's a good thing.
  • Ed says Friday is almost done.
  • Tracey says the best thing about unemployment is going to a matinee.
  • Dianne also comments that it's Friday.
  • Candace notes that words have the power to both destroy and heal.
  • Chuck passed on the info that the Garden City Dragon parade is tomorrow at 3 pm.
  • Wanda wishes everyone a terrific weekend.
  • Cherie loves the first snowfall, barely notices the second snowfall, hates the third snowfall...and is then unhappy with the weather until May.
  • Packers at Vikings on Monday night.
  • Martha posted a link to a video of 4-legged children. Cute, and probably not what you think.
  • Michael posted pics from Yellowstone. There is snow!
  • Greg has an important announcement TGIF. That is all.
  • Ed says Go Get Um Ducks!
  • Ellen is checking in quick, then out again. She might be back later.
  • Rebecca read that it's snowing hard at Schweitzer Mountain. No baby yet?
  • Susan misses Sarah.
  • Margot is playing FarmVille.
  • Phil says argh.
  • Kristina made it through the week! How's the new job going?
  • Carin loves her sister-in-law -- date night is on.
  • Candace posted a link to a video about underwear.
  • Ed says "I just watched Charlton Heston fight an onslaught of robed, sunglasses wearing puritanical zombies. The Omega Man, pure awesomeness."
  • Carla says she has decided that her best option for world peace is to keep her mouth shut this weekend.
  • Greg and others are about to watch some zombie head smashing.
Kind of slow for a Friday, but it's a little early. I'm off to bed early, I've got a busy day planned for tomorrow.

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