Sunday, October 4, 2009

  • Steve needs some coffee.
  • Doug: Rain. Cool weather. Cloudy skies. Sounds good.
  • Pam says children with cancers turn into tiny adults too soon.
  • Amy posted pics of a snowy morning in Bend.
  • Robert says that was one cold game last night.
  • Devin is looking for a DJ or wannabe DJ or two that would be interested in helping out with a News Years Eve event.
  • Steve brewed 12 gallons of weizenbock today. Good recovery after yesterday's woes.
  • Frank posted some pics of a balloon ride over NC.
  • John says mud and tape and football!
  • Martha says there is snow on Bogus Basin. I didn't see it.
  • Ken did a 21 mile bike ride, every bit of it against the wind.
  • Cherie wonders why it went from summer to winter in 3 days? I agree, fall was way too short.
  • Chuck posted a link to the web cams at Bogus, there is indeed snow.
  • Paul: hmm... what an evil kill... It's number 666 in Mafia Wars.
  • Tyler posted a pic of oatmeal scotchies. Maybe some will make their way to work tomorrow.
  • Keoni is enjoying his Sunday, good food, good people, and football.
  • Wanda is enjoying the rain this afternoon.
  • Sarah got a little bookshelf and a bundle of books.
  • Steve says Go Cowboys! I wish Romo had showed up to play, he cost me in FF today.
  • Lisa is bone tired, in a good way.
  • Kristin posted some pics of horse riding in Owyhee Canyonlands.
  • Marcy is going to watch some Fringe tonight. She may quote Walter Bishop.
  • Dianne wishes everyone a good Monday. Packers at Vikings, it'll be good!
  • Scott got a deer.
  • Paul played some Mafia Wars, but there was a break while the Steelers were on.

I didn't hear for sure, but in the comments it sounds like Rebecca did have her baby today. Congrats!

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