Friday, September 18, 2009

So I took a break for a few days -- I went to Nick's graduation and dinner after last night, I don't recall what happened the night before, something good, I'm sure.

  • Bob says his apricot melomel is finished fermenting. How long does it need to age before it's ready to drink?
  • Tracey is headed out of town, leaving the boys at home. I bet everyone has fun.
  • Megan is over her sore throat and back to work. I had today off.
  • Doug had fresh beer for breakfast. That's doing it right.
  • Cherie says Mattie learned to cook. I think Mattie is her dog. That would be handy!
  • Julia is getting a pedicure then lunch.
  • Paul is looking forward to the BSU/Fresno game tonight. I'm watching it now, pretty good game.
  • Gabe is severing his tech connection for a few days, heading to the sticks. Good weather for it.
  • Jana asks if the Bronco game is only being shown on ESPN. Nope, it's on the intertubes also:
  • Steve knows that all politicians are liars.
  • Ed is ready for the weekend.
  • Sarah posted pics of Nick's graduation. Congrats again, Nick!
  • Matt is rooting for the Broncos.
  • Bryan notes that it's game time.
  • Rebecca is miffed and upset. Don't know about what.
  • John says Fresno is lame. Looks like an in-game comment. Wait for it, the game gets better.
  • Margot points out that there were actually 31 crazies that went to the state fair. Only one got away.
  • Dianne is up to level 26 in YoVille. I have no idea how many levels there are.
  • Candace reminds everyone that this is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yar. That's all I've got. Wait, it's actually tomorrow, Sep 19.
  • Martha had pizza.
  • Pam says that all that is needed for undesirable changes to prevail is for decent human beings to do nothing.
  • Amy posted a sweet pic.
  • It's a wrap on the BSU game, BSU for the win.

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