Tuesday, September 15, 2009

  • Chris: top ramen and grilled cheese, poor mans lunch! Try putting the cheese in the ramen, instant mac and cheese!
  • Cherie is looking on the bright side. That's a good side.
  • Hah! Pre-season hockey is starting, so Paul is NOT playing Mafia Wars. How about that football pool, Paul?
  • Martha is taking names and kicking you know what. FreeCreditReport.com?
  • Heather cannot wait to move into the new apartment. Newlywed bliss.
  • Martha posted a link to the Happy Song. It was both happy and sad. I smiled too.
  • Packers are prepping for the Bengals. Really? Is that necessary?
  • Hockey must be over, Paul is back at Mafia Wars.
  • Tracey posted a link to local commercials. It was funny.
  • Nikki posted a link about the Fan Check hoax.
  • Frank thinks that life will be like you design it, or will be as others design it for you. One or the other...
  • Ken posted a link about how to make noodles by hand. I've done that, with a noodle machine, but this guy does it all by hand. Nice!
  • Sarah can't wait until tomorrow. Time will pass.
  • I saw this one a while back, but Ken posted it today: the one year beard time-lapse.
  • Homedale HS is in trouble for hazing.
  • Rebecca is pondering Diaper Genie vs Diaper Champ vs. Diaper Dekor. Diaper Dekor sounds bad, can the genie make them disappear?
  • I posted a quote about Joe "You Lie" Wilson and the Four Horsemen of Calumny.
  • Nikki thinks her son is amazing.
  • Ed just took a serious beating about the head, shoulders, wrist and chest from a 5th degree black belt from the Czech Republic who had just returned from being on the Czech team in the Kendo World Championship match in Brazil. You can't pay for such good fun!
  • I posted a link to a blog concerning a European perspective on our current trials and tribulations. Perhaps I spend too much time on the internet... nah! That's crazy talk!

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