Saturday, September 19, 2009

  • Rebecca thinks Facebook has something against her.
  • Cherie wonders what to do if a flat iron falls into a sink full of water. Yes, it's plugged in.
  • Jeff noticed that the Golden Gate Bridge sunk after an earthquake. On the playa. Burning man burn out.
  • Now Cherie's house smells strongly of boiled flat iron.
  • Kristina is headed to Bogus to ride the ski lift and hike back down.
  • Margot wonders if anyone knows what happened to Becky who married Wayne.
  • Amy posted more cute kid pics.
  • Cathy says "Please donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I'm walking in the Light the Night Walk on September 26th in memory of our friends 16 year old son Cody who died last week of leukemia. Donate by following this link. Thank you,"
  • Paul. Mafia Wars. Yep.
  • Matt played Farkle.
  • Greg got a new crackberry and is looking for a twitter app. Not an iPhone?
  • John is working on Saturday. Too bad.
  • Dianne is viewing Facebook. With her mom.
  • Claire watched college football.
  • Alan posted a detailed communications protocol. Is it possible you're over-thinking it?
  • Julia is sanguine. I'm assuming cheerfully optimistic rather than bloody.
  • More college football -- Rebecca says the UDub game was good, Doug says CSU beat Nevada, Ed's Ducks got a win.
  • Greg posted some pics of him and his boys ziplining. Did you use the new Blackberry to take the pics?
  • Woohoo! Paul got to level 321 in Mafia Wars!
  • Martha got all dressed up in a dress.
  • Sarah had a fantastic day. You're welcome. My part was rough, but I'd do it again if asked.
  • Kristina posted pics from Bogus.
  • Susan had a great day. You're welcome. My part was rough, but I'd do it again if asked.
  • John watched the Statham movie Revolver, and didn't get it.
  • I had a great day. I shot pool and drank beer. It was rough, but I'd do it again if asked.

Did anyone talk like a pirate? Greg? Anyone?

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