Monday, September 7, 2009

  • Ellen is totally insane. That seems to be making the rounds.
  • Carla is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Bob says no benefits to illegals. That seems obvious to me.
  • Yep, Paul is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Cherie needs to catch up with her laundry.
  • Chris says woot, his iPhone is working. 'woot' is still last year.
  • Eric has svn backing bazaar. That could be interesting.
  • Sarah needs an earthier name for her baby... please, not Grilled Cheese. Cheese Head might be a good choice, though.
  • Robert posted a link to a Sarah Palin post on FB. I posted links pointing out she doesn't have her facts right.
  • Nikki is going to a soccer game.
  • Tracey is hoping 9/9/09 is lucky.
  • Heather says Sunday was the best day of her life. She got married. Congrats!
  • Chuck mentioned that 'Art in the Park' starts Friday at Julia Davis.
  • Kristina is going swimming and kickboxing.
  • John posted pics of his weekend remodeling project.
  • Mike's brisket didn't win at the BBQ cookoff. I bet it was a good brisket anyway.
  • Greg supports Obama's health care plan and is open to an educated debate about it.
  • Candace says to help people even if they don't want help and they hurt you. Hmm.
  • "Friend Stats" seems to be a new thing on Facebook, several people posted their results.
  • Several people watched our president address the Senate and the nation. The heckler (R-SC) has already apologized.
  • Paul took a break from Mafia Wars to watch the Space Shuttle and Space Station cruise across the sky. It's a good night for sky gazing.
  • Tyler played the typing maniac game and is #1 among all his friends. Supposedly, this is one of those FB games that lie about your friend's scores.
  • Frank posted pics about his new security lights. Looks nice!

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