Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hey, I'm back! It was a nice, long weekend, I mostly spent it picking hops and eating with relatives. The hops harvest looks like it's going to be about 12 pounds -- a year supply for Miller, and a year supply for me.

  • Over the weekend, Patty posted a pic of me and some friends from high school. I didn't remember that my hair was that long.
  • Martha must be crazy. She said more, but I thought it was fun to just stop right there.
  • Megan quoted the Bible. I have no idea why.
  • Julia is sleepy. I think that is typical after a long weekend.
  • Gabe and Suzi are expecting their 2nd child in January. By coincidence, I met Suzi with Gabe tonight at Winco. Gabe busted my chops for having O'Douls in my cart. I claimed it was for Linda -- really, it is for Linda.
  • Tyler posted a link to that despicable training material from MS to teach Best Buy employees to troll Linux.
  • Devin let Dominic listen to President Obama talk at school today. Justin says we need to support Obama-care to get Dominic through the trauma.
  • Hi Justin! How's Seattle?
  • Jana posted family pics.
  • Kramer wants his computer to quit blue screening. I bet he bought it at Best Buy.
  • Sarah noticed that it's September already.
  • Carla's zodiac sign is Capricorn, the passionate lover.
  • Al Franken draws a map of the USA. Pretty good job too. He talked sense into the birthers and teabaggers last week. I didn't know that was possible. I'm starting to like Al.
  • Candace is Monday's child.
  • Michael changed his profile picture. Unlike Mike, the ladies did not go "awww". He also posted some new family pics.
  • Lisa is wondering why she had to pay $20 for the airlines to leave her luggage behind.
  • Dave is asking for prayers for his mother, she's having triple bypass surgery tomorrow. My thought are with you and your mother, Dave.
  • Dianne got to Level 21 in YoVille.
  • Brian got an invite to Wallowa Lake this weekend and wonders if he should go. I vote yes, that's a nice place.
  • Huh. Almost a week has past, and Paul is still playing Mafia Wars.
  • Sarah beat Amanda in Bricks Breaking. I heard today that some of those games tell you that your friends beat you just so you'll play more.
  • Frank has the headaches of home ownership.
  • Megan got some good books at the Hanger Antique Mall. I'd forgotten about that place, it was always fun to visit. Thanks for the reminder, Megan.
  • John says that's the shizzle. And I guess that's it for today.

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