Thursday, September 10, 2009

I checked it twice, today is Thursday.

  • Megan is heading to work. 10 hours ago. That would be around 2 pm? I never liked swing shift.
  • Wanda is setting up a high school reunion in Nashville. In 2011. I bet I don't make it.
  • John must be in hell.
  • Eric posted some techie thing that didn't make sense, and I'm a techie.
  • Cherie is excited that her son is starting horse riding lessons tomorrow.
  • Michael gave our President a "D". It's hard to pick up the pieces after of 8 years of raping and pillaging.
  • Bob asks how the hops harvest is going. He has 40 ounces. I have 12 1/2 pounds, I win!
  • Sarah explains why Americans love a British accent -- loo is more fun to say than bathroom.
  • Chris is off to watch NFL action. Steelers sqeaked past the Titans in OT.
  • Kristina went to open house with the kids. Have they been in school that long already?
  • Claire posted spring break pics. Umm, it's fall already...
  • Dave says his mom came through her operation with flying colors. Good news!
  • Candace says give the world the best you have and get kicked in the teeth, but give anyway.
  • Julia is watching Push. I don't know what that is, but it isn't football.
  • Martha had breakfast for dinner.
  • Rebecca says yay for NFL! We haven't started the football pool at work yet.
  • Carla is Emmylou Harris, but the pic is Reba. FB quizzes are weird.
  • Michael got a new toy, a one-man pontoon fishing boat. Nice!
  • Michael posted a video. I didn't watch it. That's 3 different Michael's so far.
  • Doug took a class on law and ethics. I wonder if there are any Republicans in the class?
  • Michael posted Hawaii pics. Tropical goodness.
  • John mentioned there was a moment of air traffic silence today for 9/11. Am I the only one that forgot?
  • Tammy is missing friends, and in the next post wonders about decapitation. Are those connected? That might explain the missing friends.
  • Oddly enough, I didn't see that Paul was playing Mafia wars. I was going to ask him about the football pool.

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