Monday, September 14, 2009

  • Did I mention that the Packers beat the Bears?
  • Sarah just saved $800 by switching her home and auto insurance. Sorry, Geico, it wasn't to you.
  • John is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Rebecca is ready for some football. Two games on Monday night!
  • Julia has scarlet fever. Without the fever.
  • Many people posted about Patrick Swayze's passing. His best movie was NOT 'Ghost', it was 'Point Break' with Keano.
  • Cherie has a rabbit bite on her thigh. No details. Maybe the rabbit didn't like the pink dog?
  • John posted pics of a princess and her minions. Aren't they sweet?!
  • Amy says Milla is singing a ditty for Del Potro. A tennis ditty??
  • Tammy is headed to the coast this weekend.
  • Jill got a new iPod Touch. I don't own anything from Apple, am I missing out on something?
  • Doug wants the lady walking the dog in front of his house to take the doggie's gift with her. I wonder if he yelled 'Get off my lawn'?
  • Nikki says cancer is an ugly disease, in reference to Patrick Swayze. I agree, but my thoughts are closer to home.
  • Michael is back from a 3 day motorcycle trip. Sumpter and Heppner were highlights. I think I might have relatives there.
  • John says h2o. Commenters agree with me, beer is better.
  • Paul is playing poker. I wonder if it's with his Mafia buddies?
  • I posted a link to an article about a Charles Darwin movie. The movie people think Americans can't handle it, it might shake their faith.
  • Ron picked a peck of pickled peppers, and wonders how many seashells did sally sell by the seashore? A peck, maybe? I don't know.

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