Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today on Facebook

  • Claire posted some pics of a graduation party. I guess it is that time of year.
  • Linda's chemo is not so great. No sickness, really, but hair is coming out. The new oral chemo drugs start today.
  • Cherie wonders if those "tone up" tennis shoes work. I've read that they are a gimmick and don't really help.
  • volumptuous
  • Amy says get out and vote. That means you have to be registered as a Donkey or an Elephant.
  • Doug says Boise deli days are coming, June 24 and 25.
  • Kings of Leon, just okay.
  • That's what she said.
  • Marcy says there is a bake sale somewhere in a couple of weeks.
  • Anne wonders if there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask?
  • Sarah wants to know who this whiny baby belongs to?
  • Derek made a nice mash paddle.
  • Laura is attending the Full Moon Ceremony.
  • Wanda had hot wings for lunch. Happy Birthday!
  • Chickenfoot will be live at Lake Tahoe on Sep 11.
  • Chris is having an afternoon nap.
  • Carin is bummed that she won't be seeing U2 in June. I've come to the conclusion that Bono is a bit of an ass.
  • Turn the Boise Hole into an urban park.
  • Gabe is excited about the Google Font API. Is it better than MS web fonts?
  • Julia is back from vacation at Disneyland.
  • Susan posted scary clown pictures.
  • Connor pitched 7 K's, got a run, and hit 2 RBI's. Nice!
  • Martha is looking for 90,000 Marriott points to help out some friends who are having heart surgery. Let me know if you have any to spare, and I can connect you with Martha.
  • Tyler posted a link to a Slap Chop cover.
  • Ben says: v d-delx.,desssssssswejd8hdsweedjdsefihmfomnfmmm,nnnnnnnnnnnnngfib thmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,nu8hmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhunmum i
  • Cherie saw the worlds longest fingernail lady.

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