Friday, May 7, 2010

Today on Facebook

Another day goes by.

- Linde thinks that people would be in better shape if they ran like their mouths.
- Niko has some hops rhizomes for sale. It's getting late in the season for planting, so better get them now if you're interested.
- Martha is blessed to have so many wonderful and amazing people in her life.
- Cherie is selling some paintings to help out a couple who were just told that the husband has terminal cancer. Good on you, Cherie.
- Pete likes hops. Please see Niko.
- Jana is making the name change official. What name? What official?
- Godsmack voodoo.
- Andrew got the hostas planted. Now pop a top.
- Doug says the Italian burger is the bomb this week.
- Sarah posted more Ben pics.
- More of Nick being Waldo.
- Pam likes making drug tests mandatory for welfare. But won't that just put the dealers on welfare?
- Bill likes Willie Mayes and Louis Armstrong.
- Nice cover of a Wilco song.
- says no more volunteers needed. Anyone want to take my place?
- Megan is feeling productive. Want to be a volunteer for
- Doug is at the Metro car wash. Good for you.
- Michael, Michael, Michael :) Who are the 5 students?
- Frank got plane tickets for tomorrow. Wonder where he's going? He doesn't know either.
- Ellen says Mark Reid is on Facebook. I don't know who Mark is, but Ellen seemed excited.
- Margot got tagged.
- Carin loves firefighters.
- Don't forget Mother's day is Sunday.
- Karen likes the Huntsville Airport. It's got to be better than the Las Vegas airport.
- CJ is motivated to be a Packer.
- Devin is doing a mountain bike ride tomorrow morning. I'll be fixing your trail somewhere, keep an eye out.
- Rebecca is having a cold beer on a Friday night. Me too. Or three.
- Nikki is glad it's Friday. It was good to see you the other day. Cheri and Polly stopped by too.
- Cathy went swimming with dolphins. Pics to follow. Nice!
- Pete posted a pretty!
- Keoni says "You can fool the fans, but you can't fool the players."
- Nick says the Blackhawks played some good hockey. Can they go all the way? What about Pens?
- Oof. Michael got a gall bladder removed. That doesn't sound like fun.
- Tammy had a wonderful sunset to end a great day.

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