Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today on Facebook

Several people have said they miss these, so after a 6 month break, here's another. I don't seem to have much time for FB recently, or much of anything else for that matter. So don't count on these being daily or anything.

- Paul thinks Thursday is a tease.
- Kris says it's national day of reason. Do some math. I like that.
- Sarah posted a ton of Ben stuff. Indeed, he is a cute kid.
- Tammy got her first grandkids, and they are twins. And they live in the refrigerator.
- John posted geeky stuff -- dual boot Android to Android.
- Mothers' Day declaration from a mother ~ I wanted youbefore you were born. I loved you when you were born, I saw your face and I knew that I was in love. Before you were an hour old, I knew I would die for you. To this day, I will.
- Marcy likes Science Friday.
- Eric is trying Yoono sidebar for FF. Not as simple as Chromed Bird, but spans multiple social network sites.
- Cherie is enjoying a calm morning before a busy afternoon.
- Any Okies out there? The American Homebrewers Association is urging Oklahoma residents to call Governor Brad Henry and ask that he sign HB2348 to legalize homebrewing. Do it!
- Wanda has work on farms 2 and 3, should anyone be looking for work.
- Ann got Sarah's card.
- Ellen thinks someone is so awesome.
- The F Buttons posted their tour dates. Nothing in Boise. I'm still waiting for the Golden Robot Army.
- Carin is now friends with Jared. The jeweler?
- Lauren posted a link to one of her favorite dances.
- Paul wants the Penguins to win another. I didn't know they were still in it. BTW, all the ice has melted in real life, so why are there hockey tourney's now?
- Andrew rode the motorcycle to softball practice and scrimmage... It's a good night.
- Tammi is friends with Mark and Franni.
- Sarah likes The Twilight Saga.
- Joe is on tour with Chicken Foot.
- Jeff is now friends with Darren and me.
- Matt says happy birthday to Brian and Dad. Happy Birthday!
- Bob likes the Sockeye, flying the flag, and Vallivue HS. Bob gets around.
- Sarah and Carin are attending the Pink Ribbon Tying Party. Thanks, girls. I appreciate your effort.
- Pam has happy animals! 8./
- John says he just saw this dude at work surfing the web on a giant iPhone gadgetsforwomen hesusingitwrong applesux androidrox. Yepper.
- Chris is off to softball. Go Carnies! So are those carnivores, or carnival carnies?
- Candace says good things come to those who wait and some other things.
- David posted a link to the zombie bite calculator. It says I'd live an hour and 22 minutes. It didn't account for my shotgun, so I think it's wrong.
- Ellen posted a link to a sappy Fillson Willips song. Good stuff.
- Pam says to look for doors.
- Niko is wearing his Nikobrew t-shirt.
- Scott posted pics of his z-goodies. It's a car.
- Sam, Kay, and Kim like the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
- Dianne posted some nice pics of Farmville.
- Pete likes the Sockeye too. Me too.
- Mike needs a first-aid kit. He doesn't say why.

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