Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday and Saturday on Facebook


  • Lots of people headed out camping for the long weekend.
  • Amy: There is no "I" in team. But there are 3 "U"s in 'shut the fu*k up".
  • Cold or hot, Spam hits the spot.
  • Derek says "2011 NHL Winter Classic to be held at Heinz Field with the Pens and Capitals!" Paul thinks that's nice. Who would have thought that there are so many Pens fans in Boise?
  • Cherie says waiting by her computer is so 1986.
  • BSU preseason. Really? Already?
  • Moon's for lunch. Pretty good.
  • Rebecca is headed for Aspen.
  • Kristina says "We are on our way." I don't know where.
  • Michael is attending Mountain View graduation.
  • Several people mentioned that Gary Coleman died today. The jokes have started already. Short jokes, mostly.
  • It's Memorial Day weekend. If you haven't seen it, watch Band of Brothers, then you'll understand.
  • Gabe is getting his geek on. Several people wondered if he ever had it off?
  • Heather is still rocking the PJ's. No point in changing them if it's after dinner time.
  • Julia to Megan: Happy Birthday! Yes, happy birthday!
  • Ah, Kristina is in Phoenix. Mystery solved.
  • Weird, 3 unrelated people like Cyanide and Happiness today.
  • Chris is having a few beers before watching Iron Man 2.


  • Kristina is headed out onto a lake in a paddle boat.
  • Pam says "Come see me! Two for the price of one." Can't touch that.
  • Mike asks if anyone knows where CreateTV is on Cable One?
  • Wanda had a computer crash, so she's off to party. If you're running Windows, you could do that every day!
  • Rebecca went to a wedding in Aspen.
  • Bob survived. Congrats! Rest easy now. Do you need any 'care' packages?
  • Gabe is in love with the Five Guys. What's your take on Smash Burgers?
  • Marcy got a stack of books from Powell's. Seriously, that is perhaps the greatest geek bookstore ever.
  • Alastair Reynolds, deep, serious, hard core SF.
  • Mike had a great day and a great week. Those are nice.
  • Keoni has been painting.
  • Sarah is having a quiet moment with popcorn.
  • Nuthin' Special has a Bicycle song.
  • Tammy went to a cemetery "to find my grandparents, my daughter asked were they in alphabetical order, I said people dont dies that way. lol"
  • Tyler is getting ready to attend the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.
  • Nikki says happy birthday to Ginger. Yes, happy birthday, Ginger!
  • Phil says "Watched the Crew lose to the Galaxy. The LA goalkeeper is pretty amazing." I'm sure there is a sport in there somewhere.
  • Candace says "The whole earth is the tomb of heroic men" and some more stuff. Do you know there are more people alive at this very moment than ever before?
  • David says "Is it ironic or coincidental that my Easy Rider Standard American Lager is just gettin good the same day Dennis Hopper dies? :) and :(" Ack. RIP, Mr. Hopper. I think I'll stop right here and take a moment.

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