Thursday, November 5, 2009

I don't recall what I did last night to make me forget about the daily FB report, but I'm sure it was important. Or involved beer. Or something.

  • Susan says evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb. You're in the bible belt, right?
  • Jana talks like Doug, twitter feeds clash with FB: So I like seesmic dtop but I wish I could seperate my FB and Twitter streams. Any thoughts on that @askseesmic ? And suppt 4 comment mgmt.
  • Paul says Happy Hump day... what a great concept. Indeed.
  • Devin has 8 Google Wave invites. Send me one, please.
  • Ed says what a beautiful Wednesday.
  • Julia is at work bright and early. I got up at 6:30 this morning also, but not because of Isaac.
  • Cherie feels so much better after getting to talk out something that is bothering her, even if the problem doesn't get solved. My thought is if you can't fix it, it's not worth worrying about.
  • Martha is back from the dentist with no cavities. Crest is awesome, yes?
  • Tracey has twitter hooked to FB also. So do I, but I rarely tweet. Although, I can do it from my new phone...
  • Keoni: Hey people, if anyone here uses Google Talk, please e-mail me your gmail address. My MyTouch is awesome!!!
  • Jana wonders if anyone knows someone who is trying to pick up work as a handyman because of the economy? You have $$$? I'm pretty handy.
  • Cherie's dog Mattie has a small hard lump on her side that she's having the vet look at today. I hope that turns out to not be a problem.
  • Sarah has a foot in her ribs. How odd.
  • Okay, either I've turned off the updates about games, or twitter is 50% of my FB status updates from my friends.
  • Sweet yams with lots of butter, sounds good!
  • Ellen is in Colorado Springs.
  • Dianne is happy to be home with her family.
  • Ed is done for the day. Too much time in front of the computer screen. I agree, you have to take a break once in a while.
  • Scott mashed out at 7:36, Bohemian Pils in progress. Are you going to lager that?
  • Rebecca says if FB allowed a song for your home page, she's have Cartman singing Poker Face. That's some funny stuff. Now I have to go look it up.
  • Don posts this about Poker Face in response to Rebecca. Christopher Walken and Lady Gaga, oh yeah.
  • Chris says lasagne all made, now just need to wait for it to cook. Call me next time, okay?
  • Frank is watching the last of sports on TV for the year. WTF? The Packers are on until February.
  • Candace: Live, laugh, love. Good words.
  • Heather says she's offended by the "personalized" ads that she sees on the right side of her FB page. Um, you know the company you work for does that sort of thing?
  • Paul caught 2 hockey games and an episode of Nip/Tuck and the baseball game is still going?
  • Kent to Paul, take your pill and go to bed old man. I know for a fact that Paul was up until at least 2 am. Old man, indeed.
  • Megan says what a week it has been.
  • Several people commented on the Yankees winning the World Series. Again. 27 times. Yes, that means the Phillies lost.
  • Ron found his "Place in the Sun" and it's too hot. Pablo Cruise reference?
  • John says Z...z. Me too.

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