Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slow day.
  • Susan is not looking forward to getting a flu shot today.
  • Cherie can darken her hair and lighten her teeth at the same time. She can multitask!
  • John is back to plain white t's for another dose.
  • Paul says, Well... at least it's not Monday. And tomorrow is Wednesday.
  • Doug says 4 out of 5 dentists recommend HootSuite for your Twittering needs.
  • Doug posted a link to an article saying Pepsi is going to stop advertising. An Onion article.
  • Jana needs more pockets.
  • Sandy posted pics of her garden, the pumpkins are out of control. Just in time for Halloween.
  • Michael is looking for help in Mafia Wars.
  • Michael says his daughter just got school'd. By an old man. rofltntpmp
  • Lynde is thinking of and missing her darling hubby today.
  • Mike is growing a Halloween flower in his Garden. New FB game?
  • Ellen loves baseball because it's such a good sleep aid.
  • Carin says croup sucks, poor Emma. Turns out it was pneumonia.
  • Chris is all "go Yankees!"
  • Kristina says smile 'cause they will never know what you are up to.
  • Martha knows that selling children is illegal, so she's just giving one away. Anyone want a teenager?
  • Cherie: Irony - my raincoat says "dry clean only".
  • Tyler just got hitched. Congratulations!

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