Friday, October 23, 2009

Is FB broke? I haven't been able to post notes for several days, and there were no updates from about 6 pm last night until about 3 pm today. Or is it just me?

- It was just me, I think. Is "News Feed" a new feature? That explains why the last couple of days have been so short. All the good stuff is on "Live Feed". I still can't post notes.

  • Ed says a rainy Friday afternoon is upon us and he can't wait to get the weekend started. Go Ducks!
  • Wanda is doing an egg hunt.
  • Carla is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Kris and 5 others are now friends with Niko Brew. Me too.
  • Sarah is prepping for the baby.
  • Ellen has a tip on how to halloweenize your clothes, just put a new pair of black jeans in with a load of whites.
  • Michael points out "A fantastic win in just one battle front, it seems the mainstream media has finally done the right thing for a change." I agree they did the right thing, but isn't "Fox News" an oxymoron?
  • Devin asks everyone to come out tomorrow for a clean up of Table Rock.
  • Sarah says beware of the me monster.
  • Carin laying in bed with the crud, one kid with pneumonia and one with strep throat. It's a real FML moment.
  • Cherie to Candace, Happy Birthday!
  • Chris says computer down, boots to BSOD. He's having computer withdrawals. Installing Windows 7, are you?
  • Kris just kegged his clone of Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale, on tap tomorrow at his house. Bring snacks and controversial topics.
  • Nick posts a link to the funniest guy ever.
  • Paul is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Kristina is too.
  • Tyler is married to Jennifer. Wait, I thought that happened on Tuesday? Congrats, regardless.
  • Marcy says Sidda is in trouble with the FBI. Something about a Mr. Bill.
  • Ed is packed and heading to LA for Kendo testing.
  • Tracey posted pics of kids in a corn maze.
  • Dianne also says happy birthday to Candace.
  • I got my phone set so I can text to Twitter and post to FB. I'm all modern now.
  • Cherie became a fan of Cecillio and Kapono. Wow, there is a flash from way back. I remember really smooth island music. Although I might be thinking of Kalapana.
  • Kristina's son has the crud too. Lots and lots of that going around. I sit at home with the doors closed and don't go near people.

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