Monday, October 12, 2009

I was busy last night with old black and white videos from So here is Sunday and Monday together. Looks like Monday needed the help anyway.

  • Candace was the first of several people that posted a link to this funny video about things you don't say to your wife.
  • Kristina: Live the life you want to live. Be the person you want to remember. Make decision, Make mistakes. If you fall, At least you tried.
  • Chris says Go Giants!
  • Kris posted a link to strange and awesome piece of music that he made, the Ambient Wasp.
  • Gabe posted a link to a video of bullet impacts.
  • Rebecca thinks Oakland forgot how to play football.
  • Several people posted links to various views of our President being awarded the Nobel Peace prize. The general consensus seems to be he won it because he's not Bush. My thought is "good for you".
  • QOTD from Keoni: "When all your desires are distilled, You will cast just two votes: To love more, And be happy." -- Hafiz
  • Sarah says mmm Tillamook's Oregon Black Cherry ice cream mmm
  • Matt passes on that his mother's obituary is in Sunday's Statesman.
  • Carla is having turkey soup tonight. Hope it helps your head.
  • Jill took out of town guests to the Broncos game. Good game! When can I visit? :)
  • Pam posted a link to a real downer video. So sad.
  • Ed says the dog is back in the hotel room.
  • Mike is moving up in Doodle Jump.
  • Paul is Spider Man. And playing Mafia Wars. That should help.
  • Dianne posted a nice beach picture. That will take off the early winter chills!
  • For my Kwaj friends, I ran across this page last week. You'll like it.
  • Tammy's stripper name is Candy.
  • Sarah wants to win the lottery. I want that for you too. Will you share?
  • Doug enjoyed a nice warm soup and bread after a chilly morning ride.
  • John saw a friend he hadn't seen in 18 years. Pretty cool.
  • Jana posted a video of what old people do for fun. Definitely funnier with old people!
  • Kristina posted it too.
  • Megan is working on mama's iTunes library. Fun, fun, fun!
  • Marcy says Love my Sunday with Brian... learned to breathe, talked, laughed, cried, loved. (N^N)+1 Does he know you're a geek at heart?
  • Ellen is going to "Halloweenize" some friends profile pictures, so beware.

  • Sarah says it sounds like someone has a case of the Monday's.
  • Nicole is wishing Happy Birthday to nephew Andrew. He's 1 today.
  • Bob posted a video of the keg toss at the Alpenfest yesterday.
  • Packers have Tauscher back. Maybe they can sit Barbre now.
  • Cherie is tired of snobs.
  • Ed is looking at another fun filled week of working.
  • Tammy is having another day of freedom without drama.
  • Devin posted a snake video. A really big snake.
  • Amy says good news is hanging out with Susan and Nate, bad news is getting H1N1. It's okay if you don't go to work for a while.
  • Wanda says the 2011 Reunion Committee is working the details. July 1st and 2nd, 2011. Back east, somewhere, I think.
  • Ed is heading home.
  • Tracy is getting ready for launch this week. Launch, not lunch. Good luck!
  • Snow Leopard has a bad bug. You Mac people probably already know about it.
  • Rebecca is heating up dinner while Jaxon chills on the couch with Grandpa.
  • Cherie has a supernanny coming over tonight. Grandpas are better.
  • Ed had lunch at K-Bob's in Raton, NM, steakhouse/salad wagon. In a wagon?
  • Paul picked the Penguins over the Senators. Of course.
  • Megan has soup in the crock pot.
  • Kristina is wondering if Monday is over yet.
  • Sarah thinks Capital One is pretty stupid. She paid a day early, so they didn't "see" it and gave her a late charge.
  • Carin posted pics of Emma at Flying Pie. Good fun.
  • Phil is back in Columbus, and back to reality. Did things stay in Vegas?
  • Michael is hoping Elliot forgets he lent him the Martin.

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