Tuesday, October 6, 2009

  • Ed is somewhere between Flagstaff and Windslow. Middle of nowhere, in other words.
  • Doug learned how to make hot beer soup. Umm, that will drive off the alcohol.
  • Chris is going to watch Zombieland. Post a review, the previews looked like it might be worth seeing.
  • Ken posted a link to a Flight of the Conchords video. Well done, and hilarious!
  • Ed is now standing on a corner in Windslow, Arizona. Literally. Does Jill know you're looking for a girl in a flatbed Ford?
  • Julia is Arwen. And Vizzini.
  • Jana passed on an amber alert: 3yr old boy taken by man driving '06 mitsubishi eclipse plate # 98B351 Delaware.
  • Cherie posted a link to a video of Greek. Her niece is in it at 1:35.
  • Jill posted pics of Alayne and Charles' wedding.
  • Ellen types like Pam: HEY ANDREA IS CHEESCAKE FOR DESSERT????
  • Ed has moved on to Fort Courage Trading Post. Girl in a Ford give you a ride?
  • Michael is back at home, playing Mafia Wars.
  • Carin is happy.
  • Sarah has written 886 status messages on FB, with a daily average of 2.05. I usually just write this one.
  • Rebecca: Jaxon Paul Carpenter born on 10/4/09 at 2:43pm, 7 pounds 4 ounces, 21 inches. We are at home now and trying to figure out how this parenting thing works. Thanks for all the well wishes, we are truly blessed with the most amazing friends and family.
  • She posted pics too.
  • Lots from Ed today: New Mexico, kinda like Mexico, only newer.
  • Martha took a vicodin, then is all like woohoo!
  • Michael posted some new family photos.
  • Greg says Ack. Ugh. Stupid sickness. Back to bed for you.
  • Ed has moved on, now somewhere between Alberqurque and Santa Fe.
  • Dianne got to level 32 in YoVille.
  • Candace says our happiness depends upon how we treat other people, it's that simple.
  • Oh yeah, rub it in. Yes, the Packers lost to the Vikings. Real fans support their team, win or lose.
  • Steve is perfectly sane. Scary. He also posted pics of a trip to Yellowstone and South Dakota.
  • Scott posted pics of a dead deer. You gonna eat that?

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