Sunday, October 25, 2009

  • Cherie posts a video of the police dogs from the Cottonwood Police Dept.
  • Amy says a 9 am ride seemed like a good idea yesterday, but it's 30 degrees right now.
  • Packers play the Browns. Easy win for the Packers.
  • Wanda passes on the news that Lisa was in a traffic accident yesterday. Lisa is okay, but sore.
  • Marcy says it is a beautiful morning in Portland.
  • Rebecca is ready for some football. So is Chris. So am I.
  • Carla joined the Mafia Wars group, 9 million members!
  • Several people said "Happy Birthday" to Amy. Cake on Wednesday!
  • Amy said thank you for the birthday wishes.
  • John has got his boil on -- smoked porter.
  • A joke from Ellen: Why do mummies have trouble keeping friends? They're so wrapped up in themselves.
  • Tracy is watching Point Break and reminiscing about his days as a surfer. No surf in Boise.
  • Chuck is going to try Jennifer's banana bread recipe.
  • John says Bengals, 28 to 0! It is well known that the Bears still suck.
  • Chuck sent a link about zombies. 28 people doesn't seem like enough for a record to me.
  • Another joke from Ellen: What does a vampire never order at a restaurant? A stake sandwich.
  • Dick played tennis yesterday and today is shoveling snow.
  • Chris says "Go Giants, Go Yankees!!!" I say "Go, Pack, Go!"
  • Kristina says when life gives you lemons, grab a shot glass and tequila.
  • Sarah posted pics of a master pumpkin carver. That guy looks familiar.
  • Doug ran like hell.
  • Paul is playing Mafia Wars. How about those Steelers?

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