Monday, September 28, 2009

  • Megan is excited that her rash is going away.
  • Susan is headed home, she missed the Smokey Robinson concert since her dad got sick on the way there.
  • Rebecca learned that the muscat is the oldest variety of grapes. You could make wine out of them.
  • Greg is headed to Charlotte, NC, for work.
  • David is an old-fashioned type of guy.
  • Doug - Building the Sukkah for the Sukkot. No idea what that means.
  • Sarah says happy birthday to me. So did Heidi, Carin, and Nikki -- thanks!
  • Keoni: "Joy is not in things; it is in us" -- Richard Wagner
  • Paul says preseason hockey has started, Pens at Wings. Go Pens!
  • Candace posted a link to a famous Oprah video, she hopes it makes people smile.
  • Bob notes that the Broncos are now rated 5th. Go Broncos!
  • Kristina is grillin' again, steak!
  • Jana says Jackpot could use anything other than a crappy $20 buffer. Yeah, that is a pit-hole of a town.
  • Chris is watching football, then going to install Windows 7. Good luck, I've heard that's an ordeal.
  • Martha has a twitter account now:
  • Frank: "Clay lies still, but blood's a rover; Breath's aware that will not keep. Up, lad: when the journey's over There'll be time enough to sleep." --A.E. Housman
  • Robert is playing Drinking Wars, a Facebook game. I assume there is no real drinking involved.
  • Cherie went to the circus.
  • Packers beat the Rams. It was ugly, but a win is a win.
  • John brewed 14 gallons. I brewed nothing, I've got to buy some grain.
  • Carla: My dear friend Dale always catches me playing Mafia Wars; when he sums up the activities of his friends. Lest anyone think I have no life. We went to a kayak gathering in Port Townsend, looked for houses, boxed up more of my house in preparation and... just took a break from the current pressures of my life. I wish I could say I was working on world peace or something of real consequence but that is next weekend.
  • Tyler spent over 24 hours in the movie theaters this weekend watching independent/international films.
  • Chris got slaughtered in fantasy football. By a girl. I'm winning so far, but it depends on Dallas tonight.
  • Sandie had an amazing day at a family reunion.
  • Tracey notes there's a lot to be said for diligence.
  • Michael says it's hot in Sedona.

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