Saturday, September 26, 2009

  • Kristina is headed out to the Womens Fitness 5k run. I saw the start on TV, there were lots of people.
  • Rebecca missed the run.
  • Cherie posted some "fall pics", but they were all about her dog being in a German movie.
  • Susan is going to Kentucky to see Smokie Robinson. I didn't know he was still alive.
  • Scott is brewing a belgian golden strong ale. Looking forward to samples in November. I'm out of grain, no brewing for me this weekend.
  • Candace is doing "Sideways", as in wine tasting.
  • Gabe says "Go Broncos".
  • Martha did the 5k run too. She posted some pictures.
  • Matt saw Christmas stuff at Lowes already. It starts earlier every year.
  • Chris says "Go Broncos".
  • Sarah is stuffed on Totino's pizza rolls.
  • Cherie is unwinding by watching Napolean Dynamite again.
  • Julia is headed to a wedding. Don't know whose.
  • Kris posted a link to an article he wrote for the Examiner. Interesting stuff there.
  • Ed says Go Ducks, what a game, 42 - 3. That helps the Broncos too.
  • Sarah is party, party, party today. Well, maybe just party, party.
  • Susan is having lunch with her dad. Wait, it's almost midnight here, and that was 5 hours ago, and you're a time zone ahead, so isn't that dinner?
  • Tammy says "Love ya sweetie!" I'm pretty sure she's not actually talking to me.
  • Candace had good times at the wine tastings. Apparently, there were many tastings.
  • Gabe is watching the BSU game as are many people. Kind of boring, I don't think it's so much fun when one team so completely dominates the other. Close games are the best.
  • Tony says Red rox are pretty things.
  • Dianne had her son drive her to his place of employment and wonders where did the time go? Beats me, kids go from 4 to 20 in about 2 days.
  • Indeed, BSU won, and quite handily.
  • Doug is looking forward to the last official weekend of training.
  • Lisa had a bad news/good news kind of day. The smart car went back to Reno.
  • Jill posted some more bird pics from this past week. Nice! How did you get close enough to pick them up?
  • Michael is in Sedona, met up with Tony and Kim.
  • Chris says, "Was going to party it up, but wait I cant someone stole me keys." Talk like a pirate day?
  • Sarah is exhausted. You did volunteer to be the DD, which means there will be drinking.

Oktoberfest season is upon us, good times today and in the next few weeks. Fortunately beer has had a serious revival in this country so we can celebrate properly.

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