Saturday, September 12, 2009

  • Indeed, Paul is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Dianne is a born leader. So says a Facebook quiz.
  • Jeff says Playa Dreams please stop!
  • Ken got hit with an awesome dry thunderstorm. Hope it didn't start any fires.
  • Nikki watched Patch Adams, then is headed to a baby shower.
  • AHA had a rally with Elysian in Seattle. Sounds like it was fun.
  • Chris is off to tailgating for the BSU game tonight. BSU won easily.
  • Sarah is bored with TV. I hear that a lot around here too.
  • Kristina is headed to the same baby shower.
  • Ed is headed to the Ducks game. Ed said "Go Ducks". That'd get me mugged around here.
  • Carla lost at pillow fighting. Another FB thing.
  • Chuck went to Taste of Idaho.
  • Greg is resting up indoors between outdoor activities.
  • Greg notes that Idaho allows insurance companies to deny claims to domestic violence victims.
  • Rob posted a note about "A Teacher's Tale".
  • John said sweet Lucy was a dancer but none of us would chance her because she was a samari.
  • Tammy received a magical hug and is making oatmeal and zucchini cookies.
  • Tyler posted some new pics.
  • Steve posted a link to an article about the Tea Party turnout in DC today.
  • I posted a link to an article about the local Boise Tea Party turnout, which sparked a good conversation. Godwin's Law applies.
  • Martha is making good progress with Turbo Jam, and posted pics to prove it.
  • Doug is planning to participate in a run tomorrow. I think.
  • Traceys' cutest trait is her laugh. So says a Facebook quiz.
  • Candace thinks Jeff Foxworthy is funny. I happened to see him on the Comedy channel earlier today. I can confirm he is funny.
  • Marcy had a fun day and ate Mexican food.
  • Rebecca had a wonderful time at the baby shower. She's the one with the baby.

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