Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good stuff happened yesterday, but I didn't get around to posting.

  • Ed is finally back among the living.
  • Ellen posted a link to a new Weezer video on YouTube.
  • Candace is going to dinner at Pismo Beach. Pismo Beach always reminds me of Bugs Bunny.
  • Kris is looking for help in setting up a non-profit LLC. Sorry, no help from me.
  • Doug says happy 250th to Guiness. Anyone tried the special beer?
  • Julia had a busy day.
  • Lauren says Christopher was chosen to join the famous Yale acappella group.
  • Martha says I am not your hair. True enough.
  • Paul. Mafia Wars.
  • Cherie is worn out. Tomorrow is Friday, maybe that helps?
  • Pam says the pledge of allegiance. In FarmVille.
  • Gabe wonders what it says about him as a parent when his little girl says "pizza and beer, yay!" Can't get better than that.
  • Chuck says Spiked Punch are the champions. He helped out at the volleyball games for Make a Wish.
  • Krista posted pics of Cousin Travis and Uncle Bob.
  • Sarah is watching Flashforward. I haven't seen it.
  • Dianne is up to level 28 in YoVille.
  • Marcy says FRINGE. I watched that for the first time tonight. I think X Files was better.
  • Chris says Mississippi had better start their offense.
  • Marcy posted a quote from Walter Bishop (the Fringe character): "We're all victims of our own gene pool. Someone must have peed in yours."
  • Heather is eating popcorn for dinner.
  • Amy realizes that bedtime is when the most creative and enjoyable play happens. Kids are fun.
  • Doug posted pics of camping last weekend at Cascade.
  • Carla is offering a bounty in Mafia Wars.
  • Dee needs a silver bullet or cloves of garlic. I'm sure the vampires are not real.

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