Monday, September 21, 2009

  • Bob loves Kahootz, Table Rock, Sockeye, and Ram, and drinks like an Irishman.
  • Nate needs to start looking for a new roommate. What happened to the old one?
  • Julia should be a hippy flower child.
  • John says the O in Big-O Tires stands for outrageously slow.
  • Martha is done with Girl Scouts and on to Junior League. Girl Scouts for grown women, I didn't know there was such a thing.
  • Paul is playing poker. In Facebook.
  • Julia is avoiding working. Bad idea, no money in that.
  • Sarah needs something. Ice cream? Pickles?
  • Steve posted a link to the secrets inside your dog's mind. Apparently Yvonne got bit on the butt.
  • Rebecca is leaning towards the Colts tonight. Can't go wrong with a laser rocket arm QB.
  • Mike knows his spaceships. What is that, an outhouse?
  • Patrick, I can see you are playing Castle Age. Did you mean to do that? I don't know where the dragon is.
  • Wanda said thanks to the Kwaj kids that joined her for lunch today. It was in Huntsville, I didn't go.
  • Paul is watching Heroes. What about MNF?
  • Greg posted some mobile uploads. With the new Blackberry?
  • Really sad news, Michael's dog got out and got killed. You should take tomorrow off.
  • Devin says Dominic got his first set of pads today (as in football pads). Guess what he's wearing to bed?
  • Nicole says Cammas is looking for people to play volleyball for Make-A-Wish on Thursday afternoon. This is in Boise area. Contact Cammas at 208-287-9500 if you're interested.
  • Chris is pulling for the Colts. They pull it out in the end.
  • Tammy posted more pics from the Oregon coast. Nice! Her trip is over, though.
  • Ken favorited a bunch of videos on YouTube. Too many links to share here. He also verbed a noun. So did I.
  • Megan is a hurricane and Tracy is green. Facebook quizzes are awesome!

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