Monday, August 31, 2009

  • Tyler finds it silly that all of his status updates are written in third person.
  • Ken posted a link to an article saying the devil is not what you think. They have no idea what I think.
  • Chris is off to softball tonight.
  • Cherie is so sane it's driving her crazy.
  • Paul is back at Mafia Wars.
  • Bryan thinks he's on someone's crap list since he keeps getting called for jury duty.
  • Several people reported on their experience with the first day of school. Is summer over already?
  • Carla is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Paul took a break from Mafia Wars to play Vampire Wars. Hmm.
  • Sandie said happy birthday to Dick. Happy Birthday, Dick!
  • Sarah yawned.
  • Nikki is headed to a soccer game.
  • Julia is having a BBQ at her house tonight. Looks like I missed it.
  • Carin survived the first day back at school. How'd your kids do?
  • Dianne started a food fight. Fortunately, I was not invited.
  • Ed is playing Mafia Wars.
  • Ed has been betrayed. In Mafia Wars. He needs some help.
  • Packers play the Titans on Thursday. Need to see if that will be shown live.
  • Lisa had a wonderful time visiting with friends, and is ready for them to leave. I wasn't there. :)
  • Michael posted some pics from high school. I recognized several people -- Jeff looks like Napolean Dynamite.
  • Ed is deep into Mafia Wars.
  • Krista posted about "True Blood". I think thats a TV show?
  • Ed is really into Mafia Wars. 6 updates in about 3 hours.

That is all. Looks like a combination of Monday and first day back at school kept people busy.

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