Thursday, August 27, 2009

More interesting than yesterday, I think...

  • Candace posted a Pink Floyd video, Wish You Were Here. Did Pink Floyd make any bad songs? Over played, yes. Bad, no.
  • Lisa is on the Santa Cruz board walk. Heh -- Santa Cruz -- isn't that what the Christmas delivery guy does?
  • Tracey is wanting BSU to beat Oregon. I have mixed feelings, I live in Boise but I'm from Oregon.
  • Tracy had hot tea in a beer mug. I suppose that's better than cold beer in a tea cup.
  • Marcy did 5th grade homework.
  • Candace says someone she knows has a detached lens, but things are getting better.
  • Matt says the new Dungeons and Dragons is better than FaceBook. Um, Matt, you posted that on FaceBook...
  • Mike can't believe August is almost over. I'm with you on that one. I only went camping once this summer.
  • A different Mike had his ear rocks reset. I've never heard of ear rocks before. Wikipedia says they are calcium crystals and everyone has them.
  • Looks like Tracy had that hot tea in SF.
  • Marcy got her test results back, not so good actually. Was peace found in the MRI tube?
  • Nikki has the best brother in the whole world.
  • Cherie is happy for some things. Sounds pretty vague, secret things, maybe?
  • Chris played golf. 43 on a par 31 course, I think Tiger Woods is safe.
  • Paul is convincing others to play Mafia Wars.
  • Devin posted a link to an apparently funny website called "People of Walmart", but it looks to be slashdotted.
  • Doug posted Twitter gibberish. @doug & @good @on @you, and so on.
  • Sarah is so excited for her mom. Me too! It looks like the chemo is doing what it is supposed to do.
  • Kristina and Tracey both mentioned back to school. Must remember to watch for kids.
  • Several people posted about the "Stalkerlist" FaceBook app. So if I never post, how are you stalking me? Isn't it the other way around??
  • About 80% of people who took the "Under God" poll think it should be kept in the Pledge of Allegiance. 2% don't know, so why did they take the quiz?
  • Rebecca posted a link to a video about synchronized bike riding. I saw this last week, it is amazing. Here's the youtube link.
  • Amy spoke tangentally. I found it odd that Michael didn't comment about that.
  • Polly is loving Texas. Pool boys are serving her cocktails.
  • Ed is ready for the weekend. Have you forgotten about your vacation already?
  • Eric is watching Armageddon. IMDB gives it 6 out of 10 stars, but really, it's a Bruce Willis movie, so you know it's good.
  • And yes, Paul is still playing Mafia Wars.

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